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Interview: The Milkman’s Union

A couple weeks ago two great bands came to Middlebury for a fun show in the Hepburn Zoo. One of these bands, The Milkman’s Union, spent some time with yours truly shooting the breeze about their awesome name, Maine lobsters, east vs. west side, and how to skin a cat. Ok, not that last one…. Read More

Radio on Radio: Virgin Mobile Live

Who wants a radio station that plays new music, doesn’t repeat songs all day, and has personality and character – that, in short, doesn’t SUCK? Well, WRMC, duh, but what about when we’re on break, like this upcoming long weekend? Here at WRMC have some recommendations of other radio stations that we like almost as… Read More


Only 40 short hours since the final beats of Sepomana 2011 echoed through McCullough Social Space, THE PICS ARE IN!! Courtesy of Elma Chapin Collins Burnham IV. Check ’em out, and relive your Friday night…or see what you missed!

Small Black in the Big Apple

If you either missed the sweet Small Black concert this weekend or loved it so much you can’t get enough, (Anjali) here’s a couple videos of them playing live in NYC. But they’re not in a studio, nor a concert hall. The blog the Gothamist has decided to pair up some of it’s favorite bands… Read More

World Cup Tiiime!

I think any good music blog (except maybe a Country one) would be remiss about now if it didn’t have at least one post on the music of the World Cup. With a much improved American team this year and many big-name teams playing worse than my grandma, there is definitely a growing interest in the Copa Mundial here… Read More

Bands from the Big Apple: The Postelles

here’s some music for your weekend… As a native New Yorker, I love nothing more than finding and listening to great bands representing the Big Apple. In recent history we’ve had Vampire Weekend, the Strokes and MGMT rising above the skyscrapers to national prominence. I think these guys may be next – they’re called The… Read More

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