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by on April 17, 2012

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This coming Saturday is the fifth annual Record Store Day, a celebration of over 700 independently owned record stores across the country.  On this great holiday, independent record stores collaborate with artists to bring us unique vinyl and CD releases made exclusively for this day and found only in these stores.  Instead of providing you with links to stream the best new albums online, this week on Tunezday you can find information on some of the most exciting Record Store Day exclusive releases. 


St. Vincent – KROKODIL

“KROKODIL” is Annie Clark’s first release since her incredible album Strange Mercy, and it features two tracks: “KROKODIL” and “GROT.”  She is only releasing 2500 copies and they are exclusively on 7” red vinyl.  Those who have previewed the tracks say that Clark shows off her “avant-garde shredding chops” and that it is a “rocker.”  Definitely a must find!

Mastadon/Feist – Commotion/Black Tonue
Months ago word got out that Leslie Feist might team up with metal band Mastadon for an exclusive Record Store Day release; however, I don’t know if anyone thought it would actually happen.  To all of our surprise, the unlikely collaboration now known as Feistadon will be releasing two tracks: Mastadon’s cover of Feist’s “Commotion,” and Feist covering Mastadon’s “Black Tongue.”  They are releasing 5000 copies on 7” vinyl exclusively to participating stores.

Animal Collective – Tranverse Temporal Gyrus
In March 2010, Animal Collective teamed up with visual artist Danny Perez to put on an installation at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC.  Each band member made individual sounds and songs and during the two three-hour performances the tracks were randomly ordered and sometimes combined and played from various directions in a 36 speaker surround sound system at the top of the Guggenheim.  Animal Collective is now releasing some of the original tracks from the “Tranverse Temporal Gyrus” exhibit, as well as live recordings from before the exhibit was opened to the public.  They are releasing 3200 copies of it exclusively on 12” LPs.  They are also launching a website that recreates the computer program used in the actual exhibit, which will give a unique creation of music every time the program is run.  Awesome. That is all I have to say.

These are only three of the hundreds of exclusive releases for Record Store Day.  You can find a full list and more information on the event at the Record Store Day official website, and don’t forget to find participating record stores in your area!

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