Happy Fourth of July!

by on July 4, 2012

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Hot on the heels of Lana del Rey’s debacle of a JFK-themed music video for “National Anthem”(scroll down the blog to view, if you dare) comes the Fourth of July! Lana be danged, fact: WRMC is located in Vermont, which is one of the United States of America. Therefore we are fervently patriotic, just in general. Naturally we’re thrilled and proud that America has been its own independent nation since 1776 (that’s 236 years!). In honor of red, white, blue, fireworks, and most of all, dartying, here’s an appropriately themed playlist! Although some of its contents are satirical or downright critical — we’ll tolerate ’em. That’s what we are all about here in this land, which is, of course, your land…but also very, very much mine. All song titles below link to Youtube audio tracks — the videos for Bjork’s “Declare Independence,” directed by Michel Gondry of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame, and Ween’s “Freedom of ’76″are especially worth your while!

1. “America” – John Fahey
2. “Ugly Revolution” – Ugly Megan*
3. “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” – Wilco
4. “Revolution Come and Gone” – Beat Happening
5. “Revolution Rock” – The Clash*
6. “I’m So Free” – Lou Reed
7. “Freedom Of ’76” – Ween
8. “Magic America” – Blur*
9. “Revolution 1” – The Beatles*
10. “Living In America” – Dom
11. “North American Scum” – LCD Soundsystem
12. “Declare Independence” – Bjork*
13. “America” – M83*
14. “Stars And Sons” – Broken Social Scene*
15. “Born In The U.S.A.” – Bruce Springsteen
16. “Independence Day” – Elliott Smith
17. “4th Of July” – Azure Ray
18. “Cannons” – Youth Lagoon
19. “Continuous Thunder” – Japandroids

*denotes an artist who is not even American! What!

Did we forget your own favorite U.S. of A.-themed track? Let us know in the comments below. Except “National Anthem,” by Lana Del Rey, which has received more than its fair share of attention recently. And “The National Anthem” by Radiohead, which is definitely about Britain and also, just, like, really a downer, you know? As is “Windowsill” by the Arcade Fire. Alas.

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