Frank Ocean releases new LP "channel ORANGE" a week early/is into men, or at least was at one point into one man!

by on July 12, 2012

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Odd Future’s peace-loving R&B wunderkind Frank Ocean decided to push up the release date for his first proper LP, channel ORANGE (following the excellent 2011 mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra.) to…three days ago! Sorry WRMC is late to inform you of this fact, but we were busy listening to the album. It is sooooooo good you guys. You can, and should, stream it  in its entirety on Frank’s Tumblr blog right now. Below, watch a video of Frank performing the lovely new song “Bad Religion,” about a somber epiphany in the backseat of taxicab, live on Jimmy Fallon.

Also, Frank Ocean is gay! (…Or something). His coming out (or whatever it was) letter is beautifully written. It’s sorta awkward because the other guys in Odd Future are known for really, really violent, like, nastily violent homophobic lyrics. But then, the only female member of the group, Syd the Kid, is an out lesbian, so what gives. In related news, Target won’t stock Frank Ocean’s new album, probably because’s gay (…or something), but then again, maybe it’s for other reasons. Either way it’s lame on Target’s (pronounced tar-ZHAY, apparently?) part because channel ORANGE is, I repeat, SOOOOOO GOOD and they should only sell good things, right? Also we don’t have Target in Vermont, I don’t even know what Target is to be  100% honest — but I hate it. One thing I don’t hate is Frank Ocean. I love Frank Ocean. But not because he’s gay (…or something). But not not because he’s gay (…or something)! Just not only because he’s gay (…or something).

And speaking of letters about loving people of the same sex written by famous pop musicians whom I love, here’s a handwritten letter from Fiona Apple to a young gay fan, which is to say, I love Fiona Apple even more than Frank Ocean.

Over and out! No pun intended. Just kidding, pun so intended.

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