Video Premiere: NO DOUBT’s first new song in 11 years!!!! And the xx’s first new song in…a month.

by on July 16, 2012

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Look, Gwen Stefani’s had an enjoyable solo career, but her two full-lengths weren’t exactly masterpieces…and honestly, when you’re responsible for possibly the biggest, brashest, most inane, most ubiquitous, and most deliriously — even unfairly, I mean, come on, show some mercy, Gwen — catchy single of the 2000s (by which I mean the Queen-meets-Bring It On-meets “Crazy In Love”-meets-dancehall godsend that is “Hollaback Girl,” which only “Hey Ya!” and “Since U Been Gone” can rival), what’s even the point of going forward? So after a pair of chart-topping albums; getting married to, uh, Gavin Rossdale (Currently trying to forgive this misstep…also, did you know Gavin Rossdale was in the movie Constantine? It happened.); poppin’ out some kiddos who probably call Moby “Uncle” and Eve “Auntie”; an uncomfortable Oriental fetishist phase; and “Hollaback Girl,” Gwen has finally done the sensible thing and reunited No Doubt, easily one of the best (and most missed) pop bands of the 1990s. AND TODAY THEY RELEASED THEIR FIRST SINGLE IN OVER A DECADE! It’s called “Settle Down,” it’s No Doubt in top form (eat yr heart out, Santigold), it’s from their forthcoming (!!!!!!) album Push and Shove, and you can listen to it below, via Gawker. Grab a sweater; hell may just be freezing over. This shit is bananas, no doubt. Listen right now, and then watch the videos for “Hollaback Girl” and No Doubt’s last single, a seriously bass’d-up cover of Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life”.

UPDATE: The new video for the song has now been posted instead of a SoundCloud file. Hooray!

And, oh, happy day — a new xx single has just dropped as well! Listen to “Angels” over at Pitchfork. New xx album Coexist is due out on September 11.

“Settle Down”:

“It’s My Life”:
“Hollaback Girl”:

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