Video Premiere: Le1f, "Wut"

by on July 20, 2012

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Today, NYC rapper Le1f — one of the heroes of the city’s LGBTQ rap underground scene recently profiled in the Pitchfork┬ápiece “We Invented Swag” (read it!) — released the video for his excellent new single “Wut,” in which he discusses, among other things: gettin’ it on; the ubiquity of the word “wut” in the vernacular; and “getting light in my loafers.” Le1f’s flow is amazing, the deep low-end of the martial production (by 5kinAndBone5) is hard to resist, and the video itself is quite visually striking (muscular male dancers in Pikachu masks? Why not!), so don’t miss it. Plus, Le1f could teach us all a thing or two about booty-shaking, judging from the shot beginning at 0:41. Watch the video below, and download the track from Pitchfork.

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