Download: Crystal Castles’ new single, "Plague"

by on July 25, 2012

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The antagonistic, melancholy, forever strobe-lit NYC electro duo Crystal Castles are back with a new 7″ single, “Plague” (that’s the New Order-indebted cover art below). It’s presumably from their upcoming album, which follows 2010’s acclaimed self-titled sophomore effort. “Plague” is Crystal Castles in top form: Ethan Kath layers looped monster-movie moans, a church choir sample a la Salem’s “King Night”, feedback-swathed guitars, and ever-crescendoing nu-rave synth riffs; meanwhile, perpetually terrifying vocalist Alice Glass alternates between her lovely soft coo and hysterically bellowing, “I am the plague!” Yikes — batten down the hatches, readers! While the band has often imitated the sound of haywire air-raid sirens in the past (see: “Baptism”), “Plague” is probably the first of their songs both massive and menacing enough to trigger a few sirens itself. Listen to and download “Plague” over at the band’s SoundCloud now.

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