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Album Review

Hot Sugar//Made Man

  Nick Koenig aka Hot Sugar self-released his EP Made Man TODAY. It features a lot of artists we heard on his “Midi Murder” EP like Antwon, Lakutis, KOOL AD, and Chippy Nonstop. We even hear an extended version of “56k,” which was originally released on “Midi Murder.” Some of my favorite tracks feature new artists… Read More

Album Review

Le1f//Tree House *_*

Khalif Diouf’s new album “Tree House” has a lot going on. The Dark Pop rapper features the work of some awesome producers like Shy Guy, Boody, The Drum, and DE, all of whom work a lot with ambient synthy textures that are defining the trends of today’s developing pop scene. Le1f rose to the spotlight… Read More

Album Review

run the jewels//run the jewels

Artist: Run the Jewels Album: Run the Jewels Label: Fools Gold Records Track List: 1. Run The Jewels//2. Banana Clipper feat. Big Boi//3. 36″ Chain//4. DDFH//5. Sea Legs//6. Job Well Done feat. Until The Ribbons Break//7. No Come Down//8. Get It//9. Twin Hype Back feat. Prince Paul as Chest Rockwell//10. A Christmas Fucking Miracle Just… Read More


san francisco//phono del sol “_”

I and WRMC’s creative directors Moss and Alan spent yesterday at Phono Del Sol Music and Food Festival. The Bay Bridged & Tiny Telephone gathered a bunch of bands to play at two stages in the Mission District’s Portero Del Sol park. The venue was great for two reasons: awesome people watching and great seating. The two… Read More

Album Review

sean nicholas savage // other life

Artist: Sean Nicholas Savage Album: Other Life Label: Arbutus Records After reading the Juliette and John’s amazing review of their experience on the roo ride I felt inspired to write a review of Sean Nicholas Savage’s new album Other Life. As I stated in one of my earlier reviews of his single “Lonely Woman,” Sean Nicholas Savage’s unique… Read More

philly punk show adventures “_”

  Last week I talked about Philly’s Roots Picnic Music Festival, where thousands gather to see some big, and rising, artists in the music scene. This week, I’ve decided to go off the beaten track to tell you guys about Philly’s punk scene. You might think that Philly’s punk scene is strictly local, but it… Read More


root§ picnic day ∞ *_*

It’s been a week since I attended the Roots Picnic Music Festival in the city of brotherly love. Funny enough, I went with my brother Finn. We had some good bonding time; however, our peaceful coexistence was often put to the test due to the sweltering heat, shitty living conditions, and limited financial funds. But… Read More

Album Review

Charli XCX // True Romance “_”

Artist: Charli XCX Album: True Romance Label: IAMSOUND Release Date: April 16 Grade: A Genre: blog pop* Key tracks: “Set Me Free – Feel My Pain,” “Cloud Aura – ft. Brooke Candy,” “Lock You Up,” “You – Ha Ha Ha” The first time I listened to Charli XCX was during one of my Nyghte Myoozik… Read More

Album Review

Chance the Rapper // Acid Rap “_”

    Artist: Chance the Rapper Album: Acid Rap Label: $ave Money Release Date: April 30 Grade: A- Genre: Acid Rap Key tracks: “Cocoa Butter,” “Acid Rain,” “Lost” Although high school was not the best of times, they were interesting times for me as an awkward adolescent. Many reasons lead me to say this, but one… Read More


Nyghte Thyme Vydeohz

  Hey there Nyghte Owls. This evening/ morning, Nyghte Myoozik will be hosting a show based on some our favorite MUSIC VIDEOS. So, we figured why not post a link to the vids from the show? Also, everyone should listen to the show tonight, 12-130AM. 1. Grimes- Genesis. Since, of course, Grimes bb is our muse… Read More

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