2013 WRMC Award Winners

by on May 15, 2013

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This past Monday I had the distinct privilege of handing out awards to 19 of WRMC’s most distinguished DJs.  Check out the full list of nominees below, winners are bolded.  Congrats to all the nominees; what a great group of DJs and a great year of programming!

-Alan, Programming Director

WRMC Awards
Best On-Air Banter:
DJ Pigbrain & Sir Spitzalot (Harry Du & Carter Merenstein)
That Goat Question
Strokin’ Beauts
Best Duo:
Jack Rabbit Slim’s
Second Hand Groove Machine (Erik Benepe & Jebb Norton)
Use By: Friday
Best Solo Show:
Midnight Marauders
Campus Voice
The Matt Butler Thing (Matt Butler)
Best Non-Music Show:
Talking Shower Heads
The Campus Voice
The Pregunta (Kurt Alles & Amanda Wiggans)
Late Night Appreciation:
Morning Buzz
Sultry Soul Train (Erin Reid & Alison Haas)
Kicks n Snares
Most Attractive Show:
The Fishbowl (Kaleigh Spollen, Cailin Sullivan, & Jared Smith)
Jack Rabbit Slim’s
Use By: Friday
Cabin Fever
WRMC Mountie / Lifetime Achievement Award (Non-Executive Board Member):
Martin Sweeney
Elma Burnham
Jebb Norton
Erik Benepe
Best New Show:
Cabin Fever
Ich Bin Ein Philharmoniker (Peter Murray)
Best Show Name:
Don’t Give A Brit
Downer Music With Kyle (Kyle Kysela)
Fencehopping In Sunscreen
Use By: Friday
8 Bars Of Soul
Best Show Concept:
DEFEND (Rebekah Moon & Meridith Messier)
The Pregunta
Pita Chips and Rosé
Blog Award:
John Cheesman
Will Brennan

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