It’s Raining Outside, So Listen To This Mix

by on June 16, 2013

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Let’s be honest. The fact that Kanye West’s Yeezus leaked last Friday is going to overshadow pretty much all other recent happenings in the music world. Apparently it’s supposed to be really good, too. So after I did a little digging and couldn’t find much new music to share from the chillout world, I decided to sit down and make a small contribution of my own: a quick little mix featuring some of my new favorite producers, including Sweater Beats and M▲RRI$ (whose annual Valentine’s Day collaboration albums are available for free here). These two offer up trippy, slowed-down R&B that is alternately sexy, dancey, and whimsical, although it can start to seem formulaic over the length of an album. Duncan Gerow and Bear//Face offer up some pretty #dope (oh sorry, this isn’t Facebook) treatments of top 40 favorites Justin Timerblake and Ciara, surrounding vocal stems in bottomless layers of swirling keyboards. I guess this mix is somewhat eclectic, because I also threw in some good ol’ “bouse” music. (Still trying to figure out what that means. This track reminds me of deep house but with a fatter bass and no four on the floor. Whatever, it’s delicious.) The final track is from Body Language, some of (duh) Brooklyn‘s finest. Their catalog is full of soulful, funky, dance-pop that offers a refreshing alternative to the hyper-futuristic, oversexualized vibe that pervades most of modern dance music. Sometimes it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find wholesome, feel-good music that you can still party to, but thankfully we have tasteful acts like this. Oops. Anyway, you should also check out Noah23’s Lotus Deities, the first track of which I included here. He shouts out Lil B while comparing himself to a moray eel. Woah.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy!

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1. Sweater Beats – Your Boy Is Back
2. Snakeships – On & On
3. Noah23 – Blue Electric Eagle
4. FALCONS – Sumbody
6. Justin Timberlake – My Love (Bear//Face Remix)
7. Ciara – Ride (Duncan Gerow Remix)
8. Kill Frenzy + Sacha Robotti – I Like It (B-ju Remix)
9. Body Language – Work This City

Also, starting next Thursday, June 20th, at 8PM you can hear me on WRMC playing folk/country/Americana and pretending I can drive a tractor.



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