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Hey you guys! In just three days, there is gonna be a sick concert in McCullough. As you know by now, Sepomana 2015 is going to be headlined by this hella chill dude Lunice. He’s from Montreal, makes trap and hip-hop music, and is probably best known as one half of TNGHT, along with Hudson Mohawke who is way more famous but actually slightly less cool in my opinion. So good news for all my fellow hipsters! Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Lunice, here’s a quick rundown:


Lunice has a pretty distinctive sound, which is kinda rare in the world of 140-bpm electronic music. He and HudMo have both  spent a lot of time on sound design in addition to just producing, so it’s easy to recognize the ominous percussive sounds that characterize tracks like “Bugg’n.” I’m listening to his music in the WRMC production studio as I write this and the bass is rattling the ceiling panels; it’s so sick. In addition to making heavy bleep bloop trap instrumentals, Lunice has worked with a lot of rappers, including Rick Ross, Rockie Fresh, and Azealia Banks. And occasionally he does lighter stuff like his remix of XV’s “Swervin” which, like Lunice himself, is hella chill.

For all the people out there who are sad that 2 out of the 3 outside acts WRMC is bringing in for Sepomana are not 4 dudes with guitars, bass, and drums, I don’t feel bad for you but rest easy: Lunice is apparently the sickest live DJ around. According to reddit, he’s way different from most other DJ’s who just stand there and press play (trust me they’re literally doing nothing, it’s weird). To quote one person, “he honestly reminded me of kanye when he was spinning, I loved it.” I have no idea what makes his live show so special but I’m sure you could find some videos on the internet if you want to check out if the show is going to be fun for you beforehand. I prefer to wait til the 2nd to be overwhelmed.



Basically if you’re looking to party, there’s literally no one better that we could’ve gotten for Sepomana. The only potential drawback would be a shortage of jersey club in his set, but based on the reviews I’ve heard of his shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws some in. Here’s his soundcloud if you want to hear more.


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