2016 Album Roundup

by on December 2, 2016

Posted in: Music

December, for many, means staring at a computer screen and crying about the attempt to compile a top 10 (or 50) album list for the year. While 2016 was a wild shitstorm in many regards, there were tons of great releases to get us through it. Many of us remember 2016 as boys asking if we, “wanna get high and listen to the new frank ocean together”, or the year that we still only listened to Currents on repeat. There are tons of forgotten treasures released this year that are still worth checking out. Here’s a recap of most of the albums that came out this year (even a track from the Daughtry best hits album). Hopefully this helps you reminisce and reconnect with a lost love of an album//create more anxiety for you whatever you feel is valid.

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