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New Music: April Edition

oh god please dear god why. Please make it stop But the new music, the bad blog posts, they never stopped Hey there you crazy kiddo- It’s your music dad here. I’m just sittin’ here in my flannel sipping on a Coors Light thinking about ya. I know my dad jeans are getting tighter by the… Read More

New Music: March Edition

March was a cutesy lil-monthsy! Longer/warmer days is fuckin sweet. For me it was a month of binge drinking Four Lokos to forget that I have a degree in a field I hate and will probably be unemployed on my mom’s couch for longer that I am comfortable with. But like, at least I can wear short… Read More

New Music: February Edition

Ahh February. The slow decline of my sanity is always more prevalent during this short lil month. I mean Middlebury thought it was chill to bring a white supremacist to campus for starters. Meanwhile the Grammy’s committee is probably already planning on giving the new Coldplay/Chainsmokers song a lifetime achievement award. It’s also the point in… Read More


New Music: January Edition

25 days into the new year and I already want to vomit on everything. Really the only thing getting me through this month is the ridiculous amount of music released so far. From the first releases from Dirty Projectors, Japandroids, and Foxygen in a while to Migos really just wanting to know the price, January really… Read More


2016 Album Roundup

December, for many, means staring at a computer screen and crying about the attempt to compile a top 10 (or 50) album list for the year. While 2016 was a wild shitstorm in many regards, there were tons of great releases to get us through it. Many of us remember 2016 as boys asking if we, “wanna get… Read More

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