by on December 9, 2016

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Welcome to the end of classes and the beginning of the end of reasonable living conditions also known as finals!Comfort and soothe the long and late hour, over-caffeinated, stress overload lib nights with some great shows! We’ve put together a short list of the music going on’s during this tumultuous time and hope you give yourself a break. What better way to spend finals, than to avoid them! Here are the last concerts in the area, with exception of secret jam sessions and house shows farther away:
Dec 9th Cold Spring: @ The Gamut Room  10 pm
Dec 10th Modern Diet: @ The Gamut Room 8-10pm
Dec 10th The Big Sip + DJ Huff Daddy @ The Mill 10pm
Stay tuned for J-TERM programming!  And as always, if you need a ride to the show or want to interview a band for free tickets, email wrmc911@gmail.com to coordinate.

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