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Hellooooo wrmc! I’m Jordana, one of your fall concerts directors, and I’m super super excited for a killer semester of music and radio : ) This summer I am living all by my lonesome in upstate New York working at a general store and farm, attempting to not cook pasta for dinner every night and getting a bit too into playing myself in connect four. I feel like so much good music has come out in 2018 so far which is a big plus sign in general, but makes creating this blog post an experience dashed with a bit of ye old #stress. So, as one does when feeling the stress, ur girl consulted her homepage, pantone color search, and bamoooo here we have it: Sneaky Lemon’s (that me) 2018 Pantone Tracks!!! If you haven’t already heard them, check out the songs below and enjoy the little swatchies that I associate with each track! and get yourself ready for a crazy S.O.S Fest !!!! ;))))))))))))))


Teyana Taylor, Kanye West


“Charcoal Baby”
Blood Orange


A$AP Rocky


“I Am Here (I Am Alive)”
Bonny Doon


“Show Me How”
Men I Trust


“After You”
Good Morning
Prize // Reward


“Polite Company”
Rainbow Kitten Surprise
How to: Friend, Love, Freefall

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