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A letter to the WRMC Booth Room

Dearest WRMC Booth Room We miss you a lot and think of you often.  We are sad at the thought of you lying vacant. We hope that automation is keeping you, if not busy, entertained. We are SO sorry for that one time we brought a glass of water into your midst and hope this… Read More

Exec’s Decade of Music

In the long post that follows (if you read it all bless you), each member of exec took a unique approach to completing the somewhat impossible task of writing about their most important musical happenings of the decade. From concerts to album art, shower tears to fruit songs, here are the moments of music that… Read More

Gen Board Playlist 10/4

Here are some tunes (both recently released and oldies) that djs at gen board have been listening to and loving! Check them out if you’re in a musical rut, and especially think about spinning the first half of the playlist on your show–– those the new ones!


Acoustic Music Jam Middview Visits the Station! And Goes ON AIR

a lovely group of first years came to the booth today and played some nice tunes!!! up and coming DJs put together this playlist so take a mf listen to the songs of the future : ) Adelaide William Thomothy Gwynnedlynn the Third Cherry Amaya Daza Alex Nina Ryan Asif fearless leader “Liam”


Meet Exec – Jo ’20

hello void + anyone who has happened upon this! I am Jordana also known as Jo and I am so so so excited to kick off the meet exec blog posts this summer because boy oh boy do we have a glorious board for this coming year of our lord 2019/2020! I’m so very thrilled… Read More


playlist: a song for each lost glove

#1 plain brown sopping one finger missing #2 little, purple #3 dark blue and belly up #4 I am sorry for running you over with my bike #5 how can something that has been so abandoned be so PINK #6 at the bottom of a slide #7 striped and folded up on itself #8 green!… Read More


Hellooooo wrmc! I’m Jordana, one of your fall concerts directors, and I’m super super excited for a killer semester of music and radio : ) This summer I am living all by my lonesome in upstate New York working at a general store and farm, attempting to not cook pasta for dinner every night and… Read More

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