playlist: a song for each lost glove

by on March 17, 2019

Posted in: Music

#1 plain brown sopping one finger missing

#2 little, purple

#3 dark blue and belly up

#4 I am sorry for running you over with my bike

#5 how can something that has been so abandoned be so PINK

#6 at the bottom of a slide

#7 striped and folded up on itself

#8 green! a joy!

#9 posed for a sketch

#10 getting awfully suspicious I am being left a trail of breadcrumbs…

#11 fairly decomposed

#12 cannot imagine a woolen mitten provides much comfort but here it sits

#13 taking a rest curbside, congenial

#14 two together make a third

#15 red and perched on hat, are you a rooster?

#16 threadbare

#17 perfect pair (leather) which have become mine price paid: the curious disappearance of one most beloved earring who I have taken to imaging is now the chandelier at the home of the gathered other-halves

Jordana Solomon (’20) is a dear member of the WRMC exec board, serving as concerts manager in the fall. She is now frolicking abroad in Amsterdam and sending her love back in the form of this blog post.

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