a (playable) list

by on April 25, 2020

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i find myself making a lot of lists these days. here is a list of things i have done to try to fill the gaping hole of not being able to do my radio show.  

  • made a new playlist
  • tried to draw a cover picture for each of my playlists 
  • decided that was too ambitious 
  • made a list 
  • ate a snack 
  • listened to that album everyone is talking about
  • got into emojis 
  • added a cover photos to my playlists (please take a look)
  • stalked crush on spotify 
  • stalked enemy on spotify (what’s the difference?)
  • phoebe bridgers twitter 
  • adamantly did NOT bake bread 
  • broke bread 
  • zoom drunk 
  • instagram live concert
  • forgot about verbs
  • endless scroll 
  • headache nap 

please try out some of these inventive void filling solutions and let me know what you think! also check out this supplementary (very chaotic) playlist.

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