TOP 91 & WRMC in the Age of Zoom Meetings

by on May 18, 2020

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This year, Top 91 looked a little different. Instead of gathering at The Mill to sing, dance, and celebrate our favorite songs of the year, DJs tuned in to our live broadcast of the countdown. Towards the end of the night, we also hosted a Zoom meeting to announce DJ awards and wrap up another year of WRMC.

Top 91 is not our first virtual event of the year! Last week, we held our annual spring concert–Sepomana–on our Instagram live, featuring performances by Emily Yacina, MIKE, and other artists near and dear to our hearts. A few weeks before that, DJs joined a Zoom meeting to give and hear speeches for our 2020-21 Exec Board elections.

Since March, we have tried to come up with creative solutions to keep our station active and accessible to our community. We compiled a spreadsheet of media for those initial weeks of quarantine boredom, some DJs sent in playlists and voiceovers to broadcast their shows remotely, and a small group of us have been working to keep our weekly charts updated.

The problem solving I have seen from my peers is so inspiring. We have made WRMC history by having our first live broadcast of Top 91! At the same time, it broke my heart that at the end of the night I was waving goodbye and clicking “End Meeting” rather than singing along to our top ten songs and hugging my friends.

As a student org, we are committed to supporting our members and finding ways to maintain traditions under these weird circumstances. We’re still unsure what fall semester will look like, but regardless of where we are, we’ll find a way to keep WRMC up and running!

If you missed the broadcast (or are aching to hear it again!) we have compiled it into a Spotify playlist for your listening pleasure.

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