Meet Exec- Rayn 21′

by on August 2, 2020

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Hello all! My name is Rayn Bumstead and I am the new general manager of wrmc. I am really excited and honored to get to meet and work with you all !! We are currently working on a plan for remote programming and other ways for Djs to stay involved with the station for the coming fall. But there will be more info on that later…this is about me! 

Currently, I am  living in Middlebury and working remotely. I have been spending my time taking long walks, being tomatoes biggest fan, sitting about, and listening to an exorbitant amount of music. All my recent playlists surpass the two hour mark and are completely all over the place. This is not to sell myself short…the construction of the perfectly chaotic playlist is truly an art! I am no master– but I am aspirational.  Here is a playlist of some of the highlights from my spotify summer deep dives. 

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