Meet Exec – Elle ‘20.5

by on August 3, 2020

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Hey!! I’m Elle Simmons, the station’s programming director for the fall. I’m pretty stoked to take on the challenge of trying to bring music, talk shows, performances, and everything in between to the Middlebury airwaves during these unprecedented/uncertain/hectic/troubled/ect times. Radio can be a great connector between communities and individuals and I’m excited to see WRMC evolve and grow into this role. 

I grew up a Californian but I’ve been living in Florida for the past six-ish months amongst the chaos the state is infamous for. In pursuit of keeping myself occupied, I have:

  • worked as a French pastry chef
  • watched a regrettable amount of action flicks for a film class
  • binged Love Island and have had Essex slang take over my vocabulary
  • bleached half of my wardrobe
  • taught my cat tricks I’ve learned off TikTok

My relationship with music has definitely gotten weird throughout the course of quarantining and spending too much time in solitude. The playlist below consists of the songs I keep turning to: some have kept me awake during the drive to my four A.M. shifts and others are reserved for lying in bed and overthinking.

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