by on August 14, 2020

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Hello! My name is Eric and I’m one of WRMC’s concerts managers for this year. You may be thinking, can you really have a concert during a pandemic? Probably not, but we’re going to try our best. Stay tuned!

In March, when the world shut down, I was studying in Budapest, Hungary. I had to get home to New Jersey on short notice, and that’s where I’ve been since.

This summer I did a lot of sitting at home, but that did mean I had lots of time to play guitar, which kept me semi-sane. I was also able to go hiking and hit the beach a few times.

This year has been a lot, from weirdly stressful grocery store trips and reading the news daily, to huge protests and long lines to get tested for Covid. Now we’re going back to Midd, and I can only say what I’ve been saying for months now: we’ll see what happens!

Below is a little playlist of songs I’ve been enjoying. Some are timely and others are more of an escape. Enjoy, and I’ll see you this fall!

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  1. Al Arnold says:

    You forgot to mention the great work you did in re-finishing our deck. Look forward to tonight’s show ! Grandpa

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