Meet Exec – Pia ’22

by on August 20, 2020

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Hello! My name is Pia and I’m the Creative Director for WRMC this fall! I’m super excited to be working with everyone here (and anyone else who may want to get involved!).

I spent this summer at home in Puerto Rico with my family cooking while jamming out to my sister’s Spotify playlist. It’s fire.

I’ve been mastering the art of the sewing machine under the tutelage of my grandmother (who gave it to me) and am up to my ears in fabric scraps and unfinished pants, dresses, and reusable napkins. I’ve also been sketching designs and turning them into stickers on my Etsy store (*cough *cough not so subtle self promotion). 

I’m looking forward to zoom concerts and socially distant jam sessions.

See you all back at Midd.

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