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hi hi hello ! i’m lucy/lrd (she/her) and i’ll be your studio manager this year!

what is a studio manager and what will that role look like this fall? wrmc has historically filmed and recorded npr tiny desk-type library sessions in our studio space showcasing on and off campus talent. i had a blast filming the brazen youth last fall and have loved shooting music videos in my own time over the past five-ish years, so i knew this was the exec role for me my senior year ! once we get everything organized over the next 1-2 weeks, look out for a form through which you can apply for a session:~)

i can’t promise anything yet, but here’s what we’ve been working on so far to make this project happen. so, although we can’t *currently* access our studio space, we’ve started discussions with other performance orgs about using other venues (and their lighting systems, which you know i love) to host our library sessions, or perhaps shooting some outside. we’re also looking into having outdoor, distanced livestream concert projections perhaps featuring these sessions as ~student openers~. maybe we’ll swing a remote, wrmc-produced music vid or two. wrmc has a unique opportunity this year both in that 1) we can operate relatively remotely 2) we can give a platform to students, artists, professors, community members etc. to express themselves in this weird time. imo, there’s a lot to look forward to, and I’m really excited!!

i spent this summer working on a documentary (my grandmas finally got married after 40 years:’)), taking an online sociology class for credit (thank u midd), biking, and virtually recording an ep with some friends i was in a band with while in prague. i also learned more graphic design and made a little cover for this quarantine playlist u can listen to right here ! i made it the day i moved out of prague, which really brought back some high school/early college Times™ :0 tried playing it on air the other day with the help of our lovely gm rayn (exec shows continuing to happen – tune in!), but decided it was too angsty to unpack my room to, and especially to be played out loud in my parents’ house, apparently,, so i quickly transitioned to a bunch of 80s/pc music dance vibes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ enjoy !

p.s. here’s a photo of me looking flustered while holding some kale. my lovely suitemate and friend janice zhang virtually taught me how to make kale chips this past summer so i was trying to send her a picture, but self timer is always difficult:/ some beautiful kale tho & hopefully we can make chips in our suite to bring to wrmc friends as soon as safely possible<33

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