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Everything (doesn’t have to) suck(s). 

October 12, 2020: the date of the final WRMC blog post. Three years later, we have decided to bring back the blog. 

The WRMC blog has historically been a place to connect with each other: “Letter of Recommendation: Spotify Stalking” (Letter of Recommendation: Spotify Stalking), a place to share music news: “The Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Feud is Over, But The Real Issue Remains” (The Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Feud Is Over, But The Real Issue Remains), a place to review music: “FROM THE VAULT: BRIGHT EYES” (FROM THE VAULT: Bright Eyes) which rightfully states “I dread even hearing Conor Oberst’s voice for a minute or two, because it’s difficult not to tense up in anxious fear of the moment he’s going to let loose with a whirlwind of boo-hooing, masturbatory ‘emotion.’” I, too, dread hearing Conor Oberst’s voice for fear that he will make me cry. The blog was a place to share our playlists: “THE MUSIC OF BREAKING BAD” (The Music of Breaking Bad). In short, the blog was an inner circle of music fanatics taking to the endless possibilities offered by the WRMC wordpress. 

We have been blogless for far too long. There is too much new music, too many unshared playlists, too many thoughts swimming around our crowded heads to let the blog stay dead. So help us out! Tell us your thoughts! Write for the WRMC blog!  

If you have awesome/cool post ideas, please email them to us!!!!!! (gmillmanperlah@middlebury.edu & npenna@middlebury.edu)

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