Explosions in Central Park

by on July 14, 2009

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(Photo courtesy of www.brooklynvegan.com)

So a few weeks ago Ward and I went to see Explosions in the Sky in Central Park. It was the Austin band’s 10th anniversary show and despite the opening of the heavens, the chitter-chatter audience, and a few technical problems the show was fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised by how well their movement-oriented epic songwriting carries over to the live show format. They didn’t stop playing once between songs and left the meaningless banter to the openers, The Constantines. The setlist was as follows.

01 Yasmin the Light
02 The Birth and Death of the Day
03 A Song for our Fathers
04 Your Hand in Mine
05 Greet Death
06 Snow and Lights
07 A Poor Man’s Memory
08 Catastrophe and the Cure
09 The Only Moment We Were Alone

Here is an audience recording of the show.


Check it out and go support the band at http://www.explosionsinthesky.com/

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