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Grasscut! Because Ninja Tune just can’t go wrong.

You know what’s been missing from your life? The Glitch-folk-tronica band none other than GRASSCUT. Recently signed to the renown Ninja Tune label, Grasscut consists of award winning film score composer Andrew Phillips and the multi-talented Marcus O’Dair, both reigning from the great county of Sussex, England. After starting with remixing the likes of Bonobo,… Read More

Galaxy Smith!

The new online record label featuring four bands that are sure to knock your rock in the orbital clock with Mr. Spock. Comprised mainly of students from Berklee in Boston. Keep your eyes peeled for a show in Middlebury some time in the near future.

Girl Talk Fotoz

Greg Gillis does Middlebury. Really fun show for sure. People treated him like a rock star. By the way, if anyone has photos of certain under the table action, we’d love to have ’em.

Throwback to the Future

Magnetic Fields – “Born On A Train” Special rare stint in New York at Town Hall February 21-24, and a few shows in Northampton and Somerville, MA before that. Tickets sold out in like .4 seconds but get on eBay and cop that ish! WRMC will be getting a van for your transportation convenience, so… Read More

State of the Station

As the last days of 2007 fart themselves out, magazines and blogs are bonking us all over the head with retrospectives, Top (blank) lists, and other propaganda that comfort us with a contrived sense of closure as we dive head first into 2008. We at WRMC wait all year for this time-honored tradition practiced by… Read More

Cease To Begin

For Band of Horses, the release of Everything All The Time in 2006 (whoa, that recently?) was met with mixed reviews. On the one hand, the cynics claimed we had yet another band making up for lack of musical umph by laying the reverb on the vocals with a heavy hand, and masking the questionable… Read More

WHAT’S HOTTER THAN ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT RADIOHEAD’S TRAILBLAZING ALBUM DOWNLOAD OFFER? WHY, PAINFULLY DATED MUSIC FESTIVAL PHOTOS, OF COURSE! Only now that the dust has slowly settled over Parc Jean Drapeau can we at WRMC make an adequate assessment of our most anticipated music festival of the summer. Or: it has taken me weeks… Read More

Expansion of the WRMC Empire

The 1/2 Lounge had no idea what hit them. What was before a mellow, pseudo-hip, semi-artsy, yuppified bar the size of my apartment lined with plush booths graced with smiling good looking twenty and thirty somethings and a glam compact bar tucked into the back corner suddenly became a sweaty, bouncy, noisy WRMC dance fest… Read More

Simply Too Amazing #1

Inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines performing MJ’s “Thriller.” We can’t tell if this is some form of torture or just a really low security/high innovation prison. Both?

Bodies of Water

Yeah, I know – I hate “sounds like” or “recommended if you like” characterizations as much as the next guy, but there’s no better way to describe them: Arcade Fire if they were from Southern California, didn’t have so many members, and were into God; ABBA if they weren’t so old. Guy/girl vocal trade off,… Read More


We present to you Mr. Beam’s latest release, featuring the whispery vocals and tales of little boys that we have all come to know and love. This time, though, he has upped the ante. Guitar and bass loops alongside synth whirs and whips add to the new rough electronic sound. We will have to wait… Read More

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