Bodies of Water

by on July 14, 2007

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Yeah, I know – I hate “sounds like” or “recommended if you like” characterizations as much as the next guy, but there’s no better way to describe them: Arcade Fire if they were from Southern California, didn’t have so many members, and were into God; ABBA if they weren’t so old. Guy/girl vocal trade off, epic sound landscapes, spine-tingling shouting choruses in unison, ahhh AHHH ahhh ohhhh ahhhh bridges, and that unexpected accidental or modulation thrown in there. If the gospel qualities throw you off, I’m sorry. You learned to deal with the music of David Bazan in your own way, so think of the uber-positive, rousing, God-invoking moments as just, like, really inspirational. Jump up and down drunk if you want.

I may not have found God, but I found this album, and perhaps it will do for now. At least until the next Arcade Fire album drops. Or ABBA decides to stop being so old..

Bodies of Water – Doves Circled the Sky

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  1. Nora says:

    ward, i’m really into this track. i just gotta say thanks for the late-in-the-work-day pick me up

  2. Thompson says:

    i love music!!!

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