by on July 9, 2007

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We present to you Mr. Beam’s latest release, featuring the whispery vocals and tales of little boys that we have all come to know and love. This time, though, he has upped the ante. Guitar and bass loops alongside synth whirs and whips add to the new rough electronic sound. We will have to wait until September for the full-length, The Shepherd’s Dog, but we here at WRMC have been graced with a teaser 3-song EP called Boy With A Coin. An appetizer, if you will.

Iron & Wine – Boy with a Coin

*UPDATE 7/12/07 – K so apparently the entire upcoming LP leaked. It is gooey and dripping all over the internet like sharp Cabot cheddar on the dashboard on a sunny day. Go find it! Or, wait for the release like a decent, self-respecting, productive member of society would do.

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