World Cup Tiiime!

by on June 20, 2010

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I think any good music blog (except maybe a Country one) would be remiss about now if it didn’t have at least one post on the music of the World Cup. With a much improved American team this year and many big-name teams playing worse than my grandma, there is definitely a growing interest in the Copa Mundial here in the States. So, here’s some music of the Cup:

1. Starting out with the best, listen to Wavin Flag by K’naan. The orginal is truly the anthem of this year’s cup, but below is a really cool collaboration version by a bunch of young Canadian (oh well) artists. And it’s for Haiti, cool.

2. According to the Official Fifa 2010 World Cup Album, this is the “Official Anthem of the 2010 World Cup.” I think Wavin Flag is the real one, but this ain’t half bad either. It’s called Sign of a Victory by R. Kelly featuring the Sowetto Spiritual Singer. Good Stuff.

3. Here’s an acapella favorite of mine, it’s called Weltmeister. I really have no idea what it means, but I’m pretty sure it’s about the World Cup (fyi – it’s in German). I did learn that Weltmeister means Champions, a title that looks unlikely to go to the Germans after their pathetic loss to Serbia (who?).

4. Finally, check out songs from each of the World Cup countries put together by KCRW. The collection really shows the musical diversity of these countries. It features Phoenix representing France, the Pinker Tones representing Spain and the very official sounding Mexican Institute of Sound. Listen to the MUSIC OF THE WORLD CUP! Here’s the American entry – World Cup Fever by Air Miami

Further Exploration:
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