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Okay, let’s talk about what’s really going on here.

http://defpenradio.com/britney-spears-hold-it-against-me/ If anyone else has been storing their glittered foam finger in their shoe closet for three years now, get ready to raise it again for Britney. Her new single, which was officially released today on iTunes (buy it! seriously!), is really really hot. Now apparently one of the first pop artists to frontier dub-pop,… Read More

Tap tap…!

If you’re there, look over here! FINALS, RIGHT? #UGH.

This kind of music should be called "Siren Rock." I just patented that.

http://www.myspace.com/summercampmusic I don’t want to beat a dead horse, or beat a horse to death (uhh??), or get all preachy keen about something that you already know about, because talking about music is probably THE MOST ANNOYING THING SOMETIMES, but I am sitting in my dorm room right now, reading a play and drinking seltzer… Read More

What you know about Elori Kramer(13’5)!

Do you know that girl Elori Kramer? I think you do. You know, Elori Kramer! You don’t think you do? I think you do though! Have you seen that girl stitching up a killer dessert panini at Proctor? She uses cheese and apples, because she has sophisticated tastes. If she could, she would probably whip… Read More

What you know bout Elori Kramer (‘13.5)!

Do you know that girl Elori Kramer? You know, Elori Kramer! That girl that makes a killer dessert panini? No? She has really good bone structure. You know who I’m talking about! The one with the hat that her grandmother probably crocheted: it’s periwinkle, No? She smiles a lot and likes coffee ice cream? Oh… Read More

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