This kind of music should be called "Siren Rock." I just patented that.

by on October 25, 2010

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I don’t want to beat a dead horse, or beat a horse to death (uhh??), or get all preachy keen about something that you already know about, because talking about music is probably THE MOST ANNOYING THING SOMETIMES, but I am sitting in my dorm room right now, reading a play and drinking seltzer (COLLEGE!!!!, RIGHT GUYS???), and Summer Camp, a band that I have a really deep-seeded attachment to, came on. The name in itself is a draw: it has been statistically proven that 73% of people who listen to music that you don’t went to summer camp (43% of them Jewish camps). Have you heard them? GUYS! They are, as James Brown once put it, “so good!” If you’ve been looking for a band that sounds like driving at night during the summer through a backroad lately, look no further!
In late 2008, their track “Ghost Train” leaked, and after that, they remained one of those phantom acts, that dropped only one track and left you all tingly, like Eden’s Crush, or whoever wrote the MTV Reality Show “Rich Girls” theme song (the hit being the “Rich Girls” theme song). Anyways, check out their MySpace. They are GOOD!

Which reminds me: “The High Road” by Pearl Harbor. It’s just perfect rainy night music.

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