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Uncovered: Cover Songs That Don’t Suck. Vol. 1

Cover songs are a tricky trade.  Most cover attempts tend to result in a lackluster carbon copy of the original song, usually performed with less precision or talent.  But occasionally, you’ll stumble across an innovative band or musician who has succeeded in the old art of reappropriation in putting their own spin on a song,… Read More


Shortlist: Summer Anthem 2013

Summer is upon us once more, and you know what that means: summer jams! Summer jams are great because every time you hear them, you will immediately be plunged into a rose-tinted reverie regarding the summer in question, which has the double benefit of making the summer seem nicer than it really was and dispelling… Read More


OH MY GOD. Jump around onto people heads to make music (D punk samples) and collect record samples. BEST THING EVER http://www.pedestrian.tv/blogs/view/2389/daft-punk-the-game.htm

Wardicus Wednesdays #3 – Covers

For whatever reason, I’ve been listening to a lot of covers over the course of the summer. In lieu of any new music, here’s the best of them: Dan Rossen – Too Little, Too LateDan Rossen lends his haunting vocal talent to Jo Jo’s Too Little, Too Late. According to Pitchfork, he recorded the song… Read More


kanye west is a tool, but daft punk is epic, and i really want light up venetian blind sunglasses.

Ward Wolff Wednesday 10

Running low on music that I took from the station (and Bobby) before closing up for the summer. As a result, some of these songs are just posted from the blogosphere to get you excited about music we will have soon. Because I have faith that Britney will send us her whole album when it… Read More

2 days…(?)

so my inability count has finally caught up with me. and you know what that means? more daft punk! disco delicious is a super tight blog written by andy from australia (alliteration is sweet). andy loves dance music….and posting (almost) every live/radio set by daft punk available in mp3 form. check out his “daft bonanza”… Read More

3 days….

Daft Punk. Coachella 2006. Track List:Human After All/Robot Rock/Oh Yeah/TechnologicTechnologicTelevision Rules the Nation/Around the World/CrescendollsToo Long/Verdis Quo/Steam MachineAround the World/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger/TechnologicToo LongFace to Face/Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger/Short Circuit*One More Time/AerodynamicBrainwasher/Prime Time Of Your Life/Rollin’ & Scratchin’Alive/Prime Time Of Your LifeSteam Machine/Da Funk/DaftendirektSuperheroes/Human After All/Rock ‘N Roll 3 more days;) *so epic

4 days….

so sure, now everyone in the world just loves Daft Punk right now. 2 years ago, however, with the release of 2005’s Human After All, everyone was a hater. just look at what pitchfork had to say in their record review: “Turns out Daft Punk are (mostly) human after all, because from a compositional standpoint,… Read More

5 days…

5 days. I mean I can’t really believe it. Daft Punk is this week. Holy shit. But anyway, back on December 30, 1997, Daft Punk performed on BBC Radio 1‘s Essential Mix. The result was a 2 hour epic French house mixtape that covered the entire spectrum of Guy and Thomas’s musical influences. I know… Read More

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