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Wardicus Wednesdays #8 – Sepomana!

This week we’ve got some highlights from Sepomana, which takes place this Friday, the 17th at 9:30. Come early to get into the Sepomana Hangover Event on Saturday in Bunker. Tickets are only 5 bones, and will be sold during dinners and lunches all this week or are available at the only box office, Headlining… Read More

Wardicus Wednesdays #7 – We’re Back

It’s 55 degrees outside which can only mean one thing: LEGS. I cannot wait for underclassmen to return from island nations that end in ‘a’ and start showing off their newly bronzed bipeds! Soon Battell Beach is going to be covered by youngsters trying to soak up the ever increasing rays of sun. Of course,… Read More

Wardicus Wednesdays #5 – Thursday

I’m back from the north country (where the internet is a public access terminal in the local library) and I brought some music with me. No Winter, No Autumn – Moscow Olympics I know that the Olympics are in China and that it’s 2008 not 1980, but Moscow Olympics rock. The five piece from the… Read More

Wardicus Wednesdays #4 – Wicker Park Fest.

First, I don’t care that it’s not Wednesday. I like alliteration. I just finished my summer class, so give me a break if I’m a little behind this week. On to the post. There are three major reasons why Wicker Park Fest is better than Pitchfork.1) The price – I paid $30 to go to… Read More

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