Atlas Sound + Owen Pallett (What Are Artists Who Are Excellent Performers?)

by on February 11, 2010

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Over Feb Break, I snuck in to see Atlas Sound + Neon Indian perform at NYU.

Atlas Sound was incredible.
I’ve stated this before, but there are just some artists that can create beautiful music, but then there are some who can perform beautiful music. Atlas Sound is no doubt one of those artists as he recreates his experimental/electronic album on stage with simply a harmonica, a guitar, and a loop pedal.
Check out this rendition of the single “Walkabout” and let me know what you think.

Another artist who I would love to see live is Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy) who just released his new Heartland album. Both Atlas Sound and Owen Pallett are similar in the sense that both their albums aren’t immediately enjoyable (like say Vampire Weekend). They are the type of albums that need time to really sink in, but are so worth it by the end. Seeing them perform live really makes you want to re-listen to songs you kind of skimmed over. Check Owen Pallett out as he performs my favorite song off his new album.