Middlebury Radio Theatre of Thrills & Suspense: The Penultimate Episode

by on April 30, 2010

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Only two more to go before Mr|Tots goes on Summer Vacation, but we sure make it count with this overstuffed episode. First, find out what happens to the heroes of David Seamans’ fantasy-comedy-adventure, The Oneironauts. They’ve escaped from the smelly horrors of a labyrinth, and said goodbye to a mysterious cow, but Part II will bring them face to face with even more strange and terrible foes.

And stay tuned for Noah Mease’s retelling of a tragic Arthurian romance with Isolde.

And don’t miss this season’s final Nightshade Radioplayhouse fairy tale, The Juniper Tree, written by Noah Mease, directed by Sasha Rivera, and told by Steve Barash.

Tune in from six ’til eight on Saturday night to hear it live!
And if you miss it, visit our website, mrtots.com, to stream our podcast, or to listen to Part I of the Oneironauts.