New Music: March Edition

by on April 3, 2017

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March was a cutesy lil-monthsy! Longer/warmer days is fuckin sweet. For me it was a month of binge drinking Four Lokos to forget that I have a degree in a field I hate and will probably be unemployed on my mom’s couch for longer that I am comfortable with. But like, at least I can wear short sleeves outside now! I should work out this month and become really buff so that when people see me on the street they’re like, “holy heck creatine really does wonders” or some shit like that. Would that make me more employable? I watched this episode of Next one time where this dude asked a girl to break an egg with her thighs and she did it (because that’s not fucking difficult) and then he nexted her because he was scared of what she would do to him. Honestly I just want to get strong enough thighs so that I could explode a dude’s head and so yeah I’ve been inspired ever since.

Anyway I made this sweet playlist to take you into April (let’s pretend I didn’t post this late) so that you can sound cool when talking to your friends. Maybe you’ll become more pretentious after listening and slowly alienate yourself from friends that were probably going to ghost you after graduation anyway. I recommend listening to the new music from Calvin Harris, WHY?, Yaeji, and Pile. You should listen to it all though because there’s a lot of good shit on here. Try this: light a candle, put this playlist on, and moisturize while thinking of me and the beautiful playlists we could make together.

~Be sure to check out the new music from our Sepomana headliner Hurray for the Riff Raff~

Until May I guess there’s only one thing to ponder: Do we think they’re gonna bring back the Szechuan sauce??

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