New Music: April Edition

by on May 4, 2017

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oh god please dear god why. Please make it stop
But the new music, the bad blog posts, they never stopped

Hey there you crazy kiddo-

It’s your music dad here. I’m just sittin’ here in my flannel sipping on a Coors Light thinking about ya. I know my dad jeans are getting tighter by the day and embarrass you, but I like the way they look and a dollar saved is a dollar I can spend on Light beer. I’m sure you college kids would appreciate that. I accidentally set my profile picture as the same one I had the last three times but with different cropping, do you know how to fix that for me? I promise to stop tagging you in old photos from when you were 12 and round in return.

I see your posts on facebook a lot, you kids and your wild music these days! It’s all, computers computers computers RADIOHEAD and something about Father John Misty pullin’ shenanigans- that dude seems like a real heckin’ menace if you ask me. I appreciate that Katy Perry gal’s new track about food though, she really seems to be hungry! 🙂 I listened to a song off of the new Sylvan Esso album, it’s no Led Zepplin but it sure was catchy. Couldn’t stop whistling that tune all day

I know it’s been 10 years since I went to go get cigarettes and milk, and you’re probably wondering where I am. A music dad’s gotta do what a music dad’s gotta do, ya dig?  You probably shouldn’t have been around secondhand smoke in the first place. Consider me doing you a favor. But don’t think I didn’t consider sending you a card at least once last year. I swear we’ll hang out soon, just you and me kiddo. We can even listen to that new “the Gorillaz” you keep posting about. It’s just that I’ve been pretty busy scrolling through memes//listicles about guitars lately and well–the time just escapes me. Haha…hey there forgetful, my name is dad! Anyway, can you tell your mother to stop asking me for child support? It’s not that I’m hurting for money, I just don’t want momzilla’s angry texts clogging up my inbox and frankly you’re old enough to buy your own records. I’m sure you’ll understand when you’re older. (You know what they say, marriage isn’t a word…it’s a life sentence!!) Anyway, gotta go jam to some new Slowdive in my man cave.

Talk to you soon,

Music Dad

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