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Album Review

Andrew Bird // Are You Serious

A great effort by an established indie alt-folk artist, but unfortunately marred by one of his worst songs in years. Before the announcement of Are You Serious earlier this year, Andrew Bird fans were starting to worry he’d never release a proper follow-up to 2012’s excellent LP Break it Yourself. In the four years between… Read More

Wardicus Wednesday – #1

I’ve decided to revive an old tradition here on the blog and bring you weekly updates on what I’ve been listening to, what I should be listening to, and what I hear at parties. Shaking Hands – Women This is all over the blogs these days. The kids just can’t get enough of it, and… Read More

More from the Birdman

“I listened to my record recently and I’m concerned about how much I like it. “ Andrew Bird you cocky bastard. Check out Andrew’s Blog on the New York Times Website as he works on his new album plus a tastey dribble of a new song, “Oh No.”

Andrew Bird, NY Times Columnist?

“Tracking can be incredibly exhausting. I can’t seem to record in a sane, methodical way. Right now, I’m a wreck. My adrenal glands have been wrung dry. It doesn’t have to be this way, but this is how it has always felt to make a record. I have to pull myself back together each morning… Read More

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