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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Mitski – “Townie”

Mitski‘s Bury Me At Makeout Creek was one of the most heartbreaking and revealing rock records released in 2014. The album received positive attention from critics and WRMC DJs, but got somewhat lost in the end of the year shuffle.  This April, Makeout Creek is getting a well deserved reissue on the esteemed Don Giovanni… Read More


The HAIMlich Maneuver

Do you know that guy who always seems to fish you out from the crowd in the library? You look like you’re completely into your work and have no breathing room for unnecessary conversation, so you hope that he/she doesn’t approach you, but it’s inevitable. Well, this past week, I was that guy. While I… Read More


VIDEO: Charles Bradley – “Strictly Reserved For You”

Check out Charles Bradley’s new music video for “Strictly Reserved For You” off his sophomore LP, “Victim of Love”. It features Bradley dancing, singing, flying(?), floating (???) soulfully in and around NYC. If you still haven’t been convinced that it’s worth your time, here are some previews that will change your mind: A real Friday… Read More

Video premiere: Twin Shadow, "Five Seconds"

Hey DJs and readers, Today the sexiest man in indie rock, aka George Lewis Jr., aka Twin Shadow, released the incredible and long-awaited video for “Five Seconds,” the very ’80s-sounding first single from Confess (the upcoming follow-up to Twin Shadow’s amazing 2010 debut LP Forget). The video, evocatively shot by Keith Musil, is seemingly just one… Read More

How do you feel about Skrillex?

In the past two weeks, “brostep” figurehead and former Warped Tour small-fonter Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex, has played SXSW and received major coverage on the hipster tastemaking sites Pitchfork and Stereogum. So, some questions: What’s going on here? Is the indie music sphere warming up to Skrillex’s bowel-movement-esque bass drops and cheap caffeine high aesthetic?… Read More

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