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Gennie ’23

Hi everyone!! My name is Gennie and I will be a Concert Manager for the Spring but will be helping out this fall as well! I am a sophomore and I am thrilled to be part of the Exec board this year! We are trying to bring music content to you this Fall but we don’t… Read More


Hello! My name is Eric and I’m one of WRMC’s concerts managers for this year. You may be thinking, can you really have a concert during a pandemic? Probably not, but we’re going to try our best. Stay tuned! In March, when the world shut down, I was studying in Budapest, Hungary. I had to… Read More

Meet Exec – George 21′

Hello everyone! I’m George and I will be one of your music directors this year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it a good one despite the challenges that we will have to face. During quarantine I have written a science-fiction short story about a custodian, composed more songs in two months than I usually… Read More

Meet Exec – Micah ‘21

Hey, radio heads! This is Micah Raymond, your spring programming director. This is my last year on the board, and I’m excited to help with the transition to what will undoubtedly be a chaotic yet wildly interesting year for college radio. I’m currently living with my partner Dylan and metamour Alec (both WRMC alums!) in… Read More

Meet Exec – Elle ‘20.5

Hey!! I’m Elle Simmons, the station’s programming director for the fall. I’m pretty stoked to take on the challenge of trying to bring music, talk shows, performances, and everything in between to the Middlebury airwaves during these unprecedented/uncertain/hectic/troubled/ect times. Radio can be a great connector between communities and individuals and I’m excited to see WRMC… Read More

Meet Exec- Rayn 21′

Hello all! My name is Rayn Bumstead and I am the new general manager of wrmc. I am really excited and honored to get to meet and work with you all !! We are currently working on a plan for remote programming and other ways for Djs to stay involved with the station for the… Read More

Revolution Playlist

This is the first post in WRMC playlist series focused on highlighting black artists in the music industry. Each playlist in the series will center around a theme rather than a genre. For this playlist, inspired by the insurgency of organizers and activists, we pulled together a playlist that looks at music as it relates… Read More

Black Lives Matter.

In the past week, we’ve watched a powerful uprising unfold across our nation. Although the recent protests were sparked by the recent cruel and unjust murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and others, they are a response to the systemic racism that is intrinsic to this country’s history. Black Lives Matter. As a… Read More


Letter of Recommendation: Spotify Stalking

Many of you know the joys of Spotify stalking first-hand. This is my personal take on the widespread (I think) social phenomenon. I was quite resistant to Spotify, preferring to listen to iTunes and Youtube for far too long. Even, shamefully, Pandora radio. Once I finally made the plunge, I wanted to keep it private…. Read More

TOP 91 & WRMC in the Age of Zoom Meetings

This year, Top 91 looked a little different. Instead of gathering at The Mill to sing, dance, and celebrate our favorite songs of the year, DJs tuned in to our live broadcast of the countdown. Towards the end of the night, we also hosted a Zoom meeting to announce DJ awards and wrap up another… Read More

Concert News

e-Sepomana suggested donations

in lieu of tickets this year, here are some funds that could use the 5$ you (hopefully 😉 ) would have spent on a sepomana ticket. this list is not comprehensive, feel free to donate to any funds you know of that are helping people get through this pandemic. Love-wrmc Abolitionist Mutual Aid Fund for… Read More

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