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Kendrick Lamar // Humble

  Kendrick Lamar’s haunting, yet beautiful new music video for Humble warms the part of my heart that can’t stop Instagramming with the a6 filter on #vsco. It’s alarming and exposes a variety of black aesthetics pertaining to violence, endurance, pain, and sex. Directed by Dave Meyers & the Little Homies, the video is seductive… Read More

Album Review

WRMC’s 2016 in Review

YEAR END WRAP UP Shock and surprise paved the heartbreaking year of 2016. In the most bleak corners of the year we lost more music idols and icons than we knew how to deal with. The new year was met with the terrible loss of David Bowie and soon after came the loss of  Maurice White,… Read More

Mysterious Music Fridays featuring RxRy

So I have been wanting to post about this since Wednesday. I have listened to it as I sleep and let me tell you, it’s quite relaxing My friend passed this along to me over Facebook and described it as “Super under the radar.” This got me super excited. Now I have researched on the… Read More

New Music Wednesdays featuring High Places

(This morning, checking the blog, I found out that this never posted on Wednesday. My Apologies.) I was introduced to this Brooklyn Duo by a friend maybe… 1 year ago after they released their “03/07-09/07” album. What struck me upon first listen was their unique lo-fi psychedelic sound where the lead female voice resonated from… Read More

Winter-y Music Wednesdays featuring Allo, Darlin’

Christmas music. Ukuleles. Who knew, huh? Allo Darlin‘ comes from down under and just knows how to get your hips moving with a pop-y electric guitar or swaying with a mellow uku. They’re great. Just great. So here’s a nice winter-y song to warm you up through this cold cold week. Baby It’s Cold Outside… Read More

New Music Thursdays (?) featuring Freelance Whales

I realize. It’s Thursday. You somehow made it past the hump without a new song for your listening pleasure and I apologize. To make it up let’s talk about Freelance Whales. This year’s “Band To Watch” according to stereogum, Freelance Whales hails from Queens, New York where many will find them playing their amalgamation of… Read More

New Music Wednesdays featuring Darwin Deez

You have finals! I have finals! So here’s a quick post to keep your week moving! Hailing from NYC, the way they choose to describe themselves is pretty accurate: “indie music with a side of calisthenics” “happy music for sad people” “white music for black people” Their most popular single floating around the blogosphere (Radar… Read More

New Music Wednesdays featuring Solange Knowles

Most people recognize Solange Knowles (right) as being Ms. Best Video of the Year (Beyonce Knowles)’s younger sister. Some (probably not many) may recognize Solange Knowles as the essential voice to the theme song of Disney’s Proud Family. She has come a long way since then having collaborated with various underground rappers such as Theophilus… Read More

New Music Wednesdays featuring Luke Lalonde

Yo WRMC peoples. Today is Wednesday i.e. Hump Day so we figure you wouldn’t mind learning about a new tune to carry you across the rest of your week. Today’s tune is “Big Run” by Luke Lalonde (lead singer of the Born Ruffians). This single was released as a part of the Canadian music project… Read More

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