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indie indian bands

Inspired by a buzzfeed (ya, i know) post, I decided to dedicate this week’s playlist to indie bands based in India. I usually do songs from Bollywood movies so this was also a journey of discovery for me. Read on for a summary of my playlist and also the artists. Some, if not all, of… Read More


playlist 10/27/14

Song – Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka woman pining about being far away from her love. she lit a lamp and just like her love, won’t let it be put out. poetic amirite? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qhkBTGE_Wo Song – Piya Haji Ali god is great, he is amazing and protects us. Song – Tanhayee loneliness sucks. everything sucks. perfect… Read More


songs and scenarios

This week my theme was Bollywood songs and Middlebury scenarios. Hope yall enjoy! Song – Aaya Tere Dar Par Scenario – International student that fell in love with Midd and came here! (ya that’s me) Song – Rabba Scenario – omg proctor crush, you have such nice eyes, pls look at me Song – Tu… Read More


new bollywood trax

did you miss my show on monday 11am-noon? probably. so here’s my playlist y’all. i pinky promise every single one of these songs is a gem. pinky promise. note: when i say new, i mean 2013-2014. new for me. new in the sense it’s playing on the radio in Bombay. so yes, technically these songs… Read More


febmester in india

Crashcourse on India as perĀ Matti Suomenaro ‘16.5 who spent his febmester in Karnataka. I talked to him about what memories most stuck out to him. Then I matched bollywood songs to those memories. The Poverty Of course, I HAD to play something from Slumdog Millionaire. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x15f1zm_slumdog-millionaire-o-saya-video-full-song_music Train and Bus Rides https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_2gW3zwMMQ People Singing In Churches… Read More


Bollywood Remixed

Every wondered if Bollywood house/dubstep/trap exists? I did. And so I did some research. And it does. Don’t be scared. I was worried it wasn’t really going to be good too. Surprise, surprise. It’s amazing. And you should listen to it. Here’s my playlist from last week: Tumse Hi Pretty much a guy singing about… Read More

current fav bollywood tracks

Incase you missed my show last Thursday, here’s my current favorite Bollywood tracks! Including hyperlinks (omg!!) and a quick description of what the song’s about and why I like it. It will becoming increasingly clear that I’m a little bit of a romantic. sari i’m not sari! xoxo Ya Rabba A sad love ballad about… Read More

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